Thursday, September 15, 2016


having the qualities of surrealism; bizarre.
"a surreal mix of fact and fantasy"
synonyms: unreal, bizarre, unusual, weird, strange, freakish, unearthly, uncanny, dreamlike, phantasmagorical

Life has been a bit "surreal" these days and this silly blog has suffered because of it. I suppose I can't really be blamed. After all, I did have my chest cut open around nine weeks ago. Damn, nine weeks? That's just weird. I had a quadruple bypass just a little over nine weeks ago.

That's some crazy stuff. No prior symptoms and I have heart surgery. WTF? Here's a quick run down. I think I wrote about this previously, but personally, I need to just hash it out again.

July 5th, I go to my cardiologist and he recommends a cardiac cath. July 11th, cardiac cath, no damage to heart, but significant blockages. July 13th, quadruple bypass. After that? Just recovery, lot's of recovery.

I'm finally back to work. This is actually my fourth week back. I'm better, much better, but there's still a bit to go. Cardiac rehab is in the near future. I'm actually looking forward to it. I want my strength back, but one step at a time.

My faithful reader(s) have probably noticed that the blog pretty much sucks right now. I just haven't been into it right now. The toys are mostly packed up with no room to unpack them. Inspiration is at a bit of a low point right now. I'm not stressing, it will return one day.

Another aspect of the feeling of "surreal" is our move during July/August. We found a house in a new neighborhood in Canton, GA around two weeks prior to surgery, sold our house in McDonough the next weekend, which was just nearly prior to the surgery.

We moved from McDonough to Canton in early August, only a little over four weeks after surgery. We're well established in our new home, but something still feels a bit off. It doesn't quite feel like "home" yet. I don't know why. The house is fantastic, but it's just not quite homey yet. I'm sure it will come.

And then there's the new job. I was at my previous school for eleven years with quite a unique culture. My new school is quite different, and yet, regardless of race, adults can still screw up their kids pretty well.

Life is good, health is better and better every day, but life still seems a bit off. Surreal, I suppose. No regrets at all, it's just an odd feeling. But it gets better every day.

I need to get this nonsense blog rolling again. I've got some 4" Aliens to review as well as initial thoughts on the reveals from the Club's FSS 5.0 lineup.

Bear with me, loyal readers, I'll be back soon. It's been a crazy summer.

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