Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Recap: FSS 4.0

Just some quick random thoughts about FSS 4.0 now that it's done and all of the figures have been released. Of the three FSS series that I have been a part of, I can't say that this group has been my favorite bunch. Quick thoughts of each figure to follow.
  1. Interrogator - great figure, weak choice of head under the helmet.
  2. Night Creeper/Ice Ninja - sold
  3. Nunchuk - great figure, I changed out his web gear 
  4. Inferno BAT - pass - sold
  5. Tiger Force Outback - great head sculpt, body is a bit too small compared to head sculpt?
  6. Barricade - those arms... I really liked original figure. This guy? Not so much
  7. Tiger Force Sneak Peek - very nicely done! Great figure
  8. Billy, CoCo's son - great head sculpt, a bit too large on body choice. I added new web gear
  9. Law & Order - traditional colors, I like Renegades version better. Sold
  10. Jammer - large head syndrome, decent figure
  11. Pathfinder - a bit odd parts selection, bits don't quite mesh together
  12. Bullhorn - great figure but that 90's headband had to go!
  13. Carla "Doc" Greer - great mystery figure
Of the three FSS series that I've been involved with, I'm going to have to go with FSS 3.0 as my favorite group. Time will tell for FSS 5.0.

How about you? Which group has been your favorite?

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