Thursday, February 18, 2016

Patriots Still Exist

Going back to my whole GI Joe vs/ Cobra reboot (here and here), I decided to try to visually communicate some of my concepts. Cobra has become legitimized by the corrupt, infested federal government. Once a huge multi-national organization, Cobra has now ventured into the realm of private.public security. Where police departments fester from within, Cobra represents itself to the general population as a force of benevolence and protection. 

Police departments merge into Cobra Security as an example of publically "cleaning up" corrupt police organizations. Staged machinations bent on corrupting the once great spirit on a once great nation.
Under the guise of "national security," those that speak of patriotism and honoring the old ways are often picked up by Cobra Security, usually without warrant or just cause.
There are those within the population, perhaps even once swayed by the enticement of the benevolence of Cobra Security, remember truth and justice and grow weary of the increasing oppression of all people, regardless of their heritage.

How much longer will the people cower behind the "protective" shield of Cobra Security? Will no one stand up to them? Are there no heroes left? 

Time will tell...

**Disclaimer: None of the GI Joe characters in these photos are intended to be those specific characters. I needed some civilians and civilian action figures are generally boring and not usually sold. So these heroes are doing their part as stand-ins for a growing group of angry people.

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