Tuesday, February 23, 2016

FSS 4.0: Law & Order and Nunchuk

Well, the first two figures from the FSS 4.0 have finally arrived!


Not really, nearly everyone who is a part of the FSS already have their figures. So the first shipment includes Law & Order and Nunchuk. I thought that I would post my thoughts about these two figures. My reviews are very surface level, just general impressions.

First up is Law & Order. The Club used the base figure from the Renegades version with an older style vest. The colors reflect the original color palette of the original figure.

I do like this figure, but I'm not really sure that I want to open it.I've already got the Renegades version of Law & Order and I don't really need another. I suppose I could do a head swap and turn him into another MP. The new version of Order is painted quite differently and can easily pass as another dog.

I've read other opinions that many collectors want to keep their figure mint on card and eventually get Kirk Bozigian's autograph. Kirk Bozigian, formerly in charge of Boys Toys at Hasbro and instrumental in the early success of the ARAH line of the 80's, served as the "model" for the original Law figure. Many other people at Hasbro also served as the face "models" for various GI Joe figures.

My problem with this, is that this new version was not based on Kirk's head. It would have been very cool for the Collectors Club, Boss Fight Studio, and Kirk Bozigian to collaborate and do a proper update to Law's head. So why hope for an autograph one day?

The art work? Basically the same as the original artwork and that's Kirk Bozigian's face. My chances of getting Kirk's autograph are probably pretty slim. I generally don't go to Joe Con and he's never made it down to Joelanta yet. For now, I'm going to keep him mint on the card in hopes of one day getting Kirk's autograph.

Next up is Nunchuk, another ninja. Originally, Nunchuk was from the sub-group, Ninja Force. There has been a bit of complaining about the general plainness of the figure. Really? Remember how this guy looked originally? The original figure was pretty plain and kinda' dull.

The original seems to have a more traditional style of web gear on the figure. That seemed to be an issue when the concept designs of Nunchuk were first shown by the Club. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

The Club chose to go with the current modern gear most commonly associated with the various ninja figures that have been produced. So what? Not really a big deal.

The Club gave Nunchuk some nice color coordinated weapons. A green backpack for his green handled swords. Green nunchucks and green handled sai's. Plus there's the little dart shooter thingy with the nearly pre-lost tiny little dart. Hmmm... Those nunchucks and the very long string between them. No thanks! 

There's a bit of an issue, at least to me, with the backpack. The post seems a bit high in the pack and sits up pretty high on Nunchuk's back when it's plugged in.
The swords look pretty cool, but I may need to figure out a new scabbard set. 
I decided to try a different set of web gear for Nunchuk. I used the web gear that originally came with the PoC Jungle Duke and has been reused many times. This web gear rocks! This particular version came with the Alley Vipers from Retaliation - they sucked. I like Nunchuk's new look. I suppose he's my GI Joe "Combat" ninja.

That's about it for this first set of figures. Two decent figures, but I don't think they are the best of what is to come. I'm looking forward to seeing which figures are arriving next!

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Dr Syn said...

You could give the Renegades Law a spare Retaliation Airborne balaclava head that he was going to come with till it got costed out (like his new legs which never saw the light of day).

That's what I would do, but I don't really need a ARAH style Law & Order figure because the previously mentioned Renegades version is good enough for me.

Nunchuck looks good with that webbing swapped. Might nab him in the future if/when funds and common sense allow/overide.