Thursday, March 13, 2014

FSS 02: Final Thoughts

The second figure subscription service has come to a close. All the figures are out into the wild. Time for just some quick final thoughts about each figure.
I'm just going to give some quick thoughts about each figure top row to bottom, left to right. Here goes.
  1. Dragonsky - looks great, didn't really want him from the initial reveal, sold him
  2. Bombardier - a nice tribute figure to the odd Action Man prototype
  3. Falcon - one of my favorite Joe characters, despite being a straight repaint of the Slaughter's Marauders Falcon, still a damn fine figure
  4. Shipwreck - don't have much use for him, not really into the Tiger Force pattern, still on the card, anyone want him?
  5. Skullbuster - interesting character, long forearms make him ape-like, I may find some new forearms for him
  6. Airtight - always an awesome figure, but again, Tiger Force, still on the card, but I may open him because this figure just rocks
  7. Tollbooth - a sentimental favorite hindered a little by some odd leg parts, I can live with that, not everybody is 6' tall, but those hands had to go
  8. Cesspool - awesome figure, great update to the original, wicked head sculpt, well done
  9. Widescope - straight reuse of Cobra Shock trooper body and vest, but done well w/ new paint apps, nicely done
  10. Big Bear - another cool looking Oktober Guard, but I don't need him and he's already gone to a new home
  11. Desert Scorpion - I never really liked the original o-ring version and really wasn't overly impressed with this guy, sold him to a local collector
  12. Keel Haul - another sentimental favorite, well done by the Club, don't really like the hands though, I may try to find better gripping hands from the spare body bin
  13. Grand Slam - a little bit blah, I don't have a sentimental attachment to the original 13 characters, but he's a nice addition to the line-up
Since this is my first big purchase from the Club and I passed on FSS 01, I'm pretty pleased with my decision to jump on-board for FSS 02. While they weren't all home runs, there were some strong figures in this set. I guess that's the nature of these figures. Some may have little interest in Tollbooth, but since my future wife gave me the Bridgelayer as a Christmas present, he's a keeper for me.

I'm looking forward to see who the Club will come up with for FSS 03. Actually, I'm really hoping that there will be an FSS 03. With Hasbro pretty much getting out of the GI Joe business, will the Club still have access to the molds?

I hope so. I hope Hasbro doesn't kill the Club as well.

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