Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Display Space

I have my own space!! Well, sort of. We moved into a new-ish place in April of 2013. It's a bigger home with a mostly finished basement. There's an unfinished area that is primarily used for storage, but there is one section that serves as a decent work/display area. The walls are unfinished but it still works for me as my man-cave. 

There are three shelves that are in my primary display area. The top shelf is too high for a decent display, so it is primarily being used for vehicle storage. Right now, the top shelf serves as storage for my vintage Tomahawk and X-19 Phantom. There's also a PoC HISS tank up there. 

The second shelf is reserved for my 12" custom GI Joe troops. The third shelf is for my small Joe collection. Primarily figures, no vehicles. 

The bottom area is my "stage." This is my area for dioramas for photo purposes. It's a mess right now because I'm working on the small Joe display. 

Going back up to the top, you can see the Tomahawk. My two Budo figures are up there also. Cool figure, but just doesn't seem to fit into the military sensibilities to me. 

Let's swing down to the 1/6th Joe display. While these guys are far from the Sideshow/Hot Toys level of detailing, I'm pretty proud of them. In the early 2000's up through around 2005, I was pretty obsessed with recreating the real American Hero characters in the 1/6th scale format. Hasbro had started producing different head sculpts for their 1/6th line and began to really expand their different head sculpts with the Pearl Harbor, Historic figures, and later when they started making their own up-scaled small Joe characters. 

I had a pretty decent website that was a list of my figures and they each had a page set up similar to a file card. It was originally hosted on BellSouth servers and it was only a matter of time before it faded away. I really need to try to rebuild it over on my 1/6th blog, Original Flocking No Hair Rubs. Maybe one day, I'll get these guys back online.

While not quite accurate to their smaller versions, these guys were always good enough to me. Well, mostly. Some are just my interpretations based on the 1/6th gear that I had in stock.

Low-Light, here at the end, is one of my favorites. I had the blond head sculpt for a while and just randomly placed the gray watch cap on his head. Boom, that's Low-Light!

Moving down to the small Joe shelf, you can see how much space is already taken up by Cobra forces. The black NCC has been moved and everyone has slid over to their right to allow some more room for Joe figures. I only used a few of each of the troop builders and still don't have every type of specific Cobra troopers represented. No Eels or Snow Serpents and only a couple troops representing the RoC era. Not to hate on them, but they just don't really match the overall look. Although, the Elite and Desert Vipers were pretty dang cool looking!

Here you can see Joe figures being prepped for their place on the shelf. There's still more space given to Cobra troops, so I'll have to probably make some cuts as to who gets to be on display on the Joe side of the shelf.

These guys currently in this picture are definite inclusions to the display. Somehow, I have to justify Retaliation Roadblock and Resolute Roadblock being in the same display.

A closer look at the Cobra troops as we pass along the display. Cobra Commander over there on the left, IDW style, sort of his relaxed, back at headquarters look. His "woman" next to him. My new sort-of Pythona custom with Nemesis Enforcer's tentacles on her back just to see how that looks. Weirdness.

Various vipers, ninjas, and other odd-ball freaks populate the Cobra ranks.

If I had the space, I would could make an entire shelf devoted to Cobra forces, but I'm limited on space. I could probably add a shelf to this wall at a  later date to expand display areas, especially for my small Joe collection.

Stay tuned! I'm still working on the GI Joe section and I'll post again once that is complete!

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Dr Syn said...

That cheeky Vintage Viper in the NCC.

I really dig seeing the 12inch figures you've customized and personalized.

That PTE Bombed out building pays for itself.