Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Mighty Kwinn


I really would have never imagined that Kwinn would make it into action figure format. I know he first appeared in winter gear in a two-pack during the o-ring revival, but I really didn't care too much at the time.

I was never a rabid fan boy about his appearances in the original Marvel comic either. He was a decent character and since he got killed, I figured that he wasn't on the "to make" list.

Apparently, he's a huge fan-boy favorite. And maybe that's more understandable to the actual kids that bought the toys and played with the figures, rather than the "adult" collector that I was.

Well, whatever the reason, Kwinn finally made it into plastic format after a couple years of being teased by images from Hasbro. And I'm glad Hasbro released him. This guy is largely made for the now adult collectors who were those kids who played with and read about the adventures of GI Joe.

A "5 out of 5" or "10 out of 10" - whatever your scoring stats are, Kwinn makes the cut. I guess that the only issue that I would have with him is that his included pistol fits a little too loosely into his holster. No big deal, I've plenty of extra guns to find a fit.

I still haven't figured out his role in my twisted, bizarre Joe world, but I know he's pretty much like his original character - just not dead. An independent contractor who largely works for the good guys, but isn't a member of GI Joe.

Come all without, come all within. 
You'll not see nothing like the mighty Kwinn.

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Dr Syn said...

So glad they finally sneaked him into a wave. Good figure, not a single qualm about him. Quality Kwinn!