Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Quick Customs

The Dollar General Shipwreck body has proven to be an excellent base for some easy customs. Probably one of my favorite aspects of collecting these figures is the customizing aspect. With a simple head swap or gear swap, new characters emerge. I've got four of the green and three of the blue versions of Shipwreck, each one destined for customization.

From left to right: 
Tunnel Rat - shoulder harness, bandanna, and head swap for a new taller version. I actually prefer the Renegades T-Rat as my default version, so this guy could be someone new. Oh, the blasphemy!
Breaker - way back to the 25th Anniversary version. Head swap and gear from RET Alley Viper for a new spin. Doesn't look very communication-tech oriented, but he still looks pretty decent.
PoC Recondo - I never really could grasp this head sculpt as Recondo. That screwed up neck really ruined it for me as well. The Steel Brigade vest is such an excellent piece and it works well with these colors. Not quite satisfied with this head - keep reading!

I really didn't like the web gear that came with the Club's Footloose figure. I had to switch it out. There was still something about the figure that just seemed off to me. The head sculpt is excellent. In a "what the hell" moment, I tried the "Leatherneck" head on the body and I really like it! The head comes from the 1st version of Leatherneck from a "Ross exclusive" vehicle. Decent enough, but needed some help. I'd love to get the Con exclusive version, but I doubt that will ever happen.
So what to do with Footloose's head? Why not a Shipwreck body? Looks pretty good. He doesn't have to be Footloose. The look on the head sculpt just doesn't seem like Footloose to me. maybe someone new?

How about the PoC Recondo head on battle kata Roadblock's body? Pretty dang cool! Skin tones match up nicely. Wouldn't be bad to have another big dude on the team.

Mutt & Junkyard - maybe on this one. I like it so far. Mutt's head is very loose and needs a little attention to tighten it up. I think this switch works well enough. I like it!

One more with Recondo's head. How about Bench Press's body? Skin tones match up pretty well. More added bulk and height. Could this be Gung Ho? Maybe?

I really enjoy the LBC aspect of these figures. I think my very first custom was buying an extra swivel-arm Breaker way back in 1983 and switching out the arms with straight arm Clutch rather than buy another Vamp. I've done some carving and cutting on a few, primarily the old o-ring figures. Somewhere, I've got a four-armed Blanka who looks pretty cool!

I'd love to get into paint apps on my customs. I'm unsure of a good local source for appropriate paints to use. Plus this old man's eyes are getting blurry, so close up work gets irritating when reading glasses are involved.

Never too old to stop buying action figures, though!

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