Monday, April 29, 2013

It's been a while...

I guess it isn't as bad as I thought. It has only been just over a month since I've posted last. For my handful of followers, I haven't given up on GI Joe, I've just been busy as hell.

A number of 1:1 scale events have impacted my life that has put the hobby on hiatus for a while. I've been working on my Education Specialist degree, so that's been a load of extra work.

As hinted in an earlier post, there was the possiblity of a move and a new location for my stuff. Well that only took about four months for the sale to go through and the move to occur. we still have our other house and are working quickly to get it on the market.

The new place is great and I've got a decent "play" area with some good potential for some cool display space. But not yet. There's a ton of other stuff to do. New paint, repairs, unpacking, repacking, sorting, and getting rid of some stuff. The "honey-do" list is pretty big! But I'm hoping to get some me-time in there once in a while. I really need to get a mini photo studio set up to get some new pictures taken. I've got some cool ideas in regards to the new Retaliation figures that are out now that the movie was finally released.

Oh yeah... GI Joe: Retaliation... my thoughts?

I haven't seen it yet... I've been a die-hard GI Joe fan for so long and I still haven't seen it. We were moving right at the time the movie came out and it really didn't seem like a wise health conscious move to take a break from packing and moving to go see a movie.

I think the DVD release is just a couple months away. I can be patient enough for that. It might show up when the next wave of kick-ass figures come out. Sounds good to me!

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