Monday, December 31, 2012

A new space for my stuff

No post since August of 2012? What a lame blog! Life interrupted and I've gotten quite behind in blogging about these silly little plastic figures. I haven't been out of the hobby, just too busy (read: too lazy) to focus on new blog posts.

Here's my new years resolution for this blog - I will try to post with much more frequency. It's a good thing that this isn't an action figure news site, because all of my news would be old news by the time I get around to sharing it.

Around the time my new posts dried up, I began work on a new degree. I'm working on my Education Specialist degree through an online course of study. It has been an additional time suck with any extra time that may have been used for my hobby. It will continue through 2013 until around September. The great news is that it will result in a raise!

Another notable event from my "hiatus" has been the pursuit of a new home. My wife and I recently came across a short sale with much more space for all of us. There's a great in-law suite downstairs for the mom-in-law so she will be much more comfortable.

Plus... there's a space downstairs that will become my future man-cave! The biggest problem that we are facing is the "hurry up and wait" syndrome. The deal for the house is under way; we're just waiting on final bank approval. The two weeks around Christmas and New Years doesn't help much. I don't think bank employees have much of a sense of urgency in order to get things done.

 My "room" downstairs is in the unfinished area which will allow me to finish it as to how I would like it to be finished. This picture shows the main work area. Eventually, I would like to get some sheet rock to finish out the walls, but there are other more pressing projects to be completed first. This work table There are plenty of shelves for both storage and display. Wire shelves will work for storage, but I will need solid surface shelves for better display use. The area back to the right will be a dedicated storage area for Christmas decorations and other assorted items that will need to be stored when not in use.
Along the back wall, there are some great shelves for display of vehicles and some of my big GI Joe figures. Maybe even some mini diorama scenes?

This view shows the remaining side of my man cave. This wall, like the rest, really will need some sheet rock to enclose the walls. Once this little corner is complete and some decent shelves are attached to the wall, this area will be great for the main display area of my collection.

I am excited about finally getting an area to house my hobby and allow me to work on the creative outlet aspect of my collection.

Of course, I do understand that there are great many other projects to be done in this new home once we move in.

And therein lies the biggest issue - moving in. C'mon, bank folks! Let's get this done!

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