Friday, June 29, 2012

Lazy Boy Customs - Part Whatever

I think that the best part of the new Modern Era (ME) GI Joe figures is the ease of making simple customs. There are some amazing GI Joe customs out on the web, with probably being the best place for GI Joe customs.
But I'm lazy and my near vision is fuzzy as I'm getting older. Yeah, I know, reading glasses help. Dammit.
I used to make customs with the old o-ring Joes, but those always required paint to get a unified look to the swapped parts. The o-ring figures were always much easier as well.
But I'm lazy. Switching gear and heads is enough for me. One day, I'll get some more paints and give that a whirl again, but for now, enjoy these three simple LBC's.
Airborne reborn. The 25th version was pretty damn cool, but was far behind the changes that have been done since then. I used a Steel Brigade (V2) body and I think Resolute Beach Head's web gear. Looks great to me.
Sgt Stone or is it Lt Stone? I don't remember, I'm going with Sgt Stone. A one shot character from Rise of Cobra that really needed new life. The original wasn't bad, but an upgrade was needed. I used POC Hawk's body and Steel Brigade vest. Just drop his head on and he looks great! He survived the ROC mess and lives on in my collection!
Scrap Iron, good old Scrap Iron. His 25th version was just kind of bland. He had a Cobra trooper body that had the tendency to be quite floppy. I saw a custom on and really liked the ease of the custom. Head and vest from the 25th onto a Cobra Shock Trooper body. A kind of blah character has taken on a new life for me. He has been a bigger part of my Cobra collection now that he has been "reborn."

I think part of the customization aspect of these GI Joe figures goes back to my love of the 12" GI Joes. Those guys were the ultimate in customizing. Bits and pieces from various figures could turn a plain figure into something brand new. Something that only you have done and I like that!

You can check out my custom 12" GI Joe figures here on this old lame website. One day, I'll rebuild it somewhere else.


Dr Syn said...

That Scrap-Iron is THE BOMB.

Also I love swapping out web gear and heads on my generics. Good times, good times.

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