Friday, June 29, 2012

Action Figure Storage

So what is your preferred method for storing your action figures?
I personally like the reusable plastic containers that usually come with sandwich meats from the grocery store. I can use specific containers for specific types or categories of figures. 
There are several different sizes as well. there's the small size that is your usual sandwich meat container. Next is the medium family sized container. Last is the jumbo family sized container.
I think that they are great. translucent sides so you can see who or what is in each container. I've got two of the small containers specifically set aside for my zombies, one for the figures and the other for the stands and extra bits that come with them.

My Cobra Troopers need three containers, one large for the figures and two small, one for stands and one for weapons.

Heck, even the plastic containers from Crystal Light are decent to use!

I had to go rescue a medium container out of the trash today. To family: What is wrong with you people? Don't you know I use these?

So what about you? How do you store your figures? Something completely different?

Leave a comment, share your storage secrets!

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