Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Troops of Doom - Pure Awesome Fun!

I have to admit, I'm a bit biased today when I sing the praises of Troops of Doom. Only because I'm mentioned in this episode!

Kraig Furtado has created a web comic unlike any other. Using a combination of action figures from G.I. Joe, Star Wars, Star Trek, and even Lego, Troops of Doom is just a helluva' lot of fun.

Sometimes the dialog is silly, sometimes the action is fierce, but everything always seems to work together. Kraig has a real knack for storytelling, especially when using inanimate lumps of plastic.

But that's the key element in Troops of Doom. Silly little lumps of plastic are brought to life. It is quite obvious that attention to detail is an important element in all of the work that goes into creating a Troops of Doom episode. The set detail is quite amazing.

I'm pretty sure that the desert environment is a a tan blanket, and if so, it's the best use of a tan blanket anywhere on the web!

Personally, I think Kraig's attention to detail in posing the figures is the strongest element of Troops of Doom. If you look carefully at his work, just the poses can convey the character's attitude more than the dialog. And this attention to detail is quite obvious in every picture crated by Kraig. Check out his work on joedios.com for the solid proof behind my claim!

Again, nothing but high praises for Troops of Doom today - and every day! I have created my own "ad" on the side of Troops of Doom just because I'm a huge fan - that's all - no other reason. TOD just kicks ass.

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