Monday, January 2, 2012


So anyway...

I recently saw a picture of Shadow Tracker that was exceptionally well done. Some simple mods to the figure and new life was breathed into the figure. So I decided to dig out my Shadow Tracker figure.
Around the same time, there was a brief discussion on Twitter about the merits of some of the Rise of Cobra figures. Night Adder's name came up. Another interesting figure, but, like Shadow Tracker, one that I had never really given much thought to.

Hmmm... I wonder what would happen with a simple head swap?

So this is how "Voodoo" came into existence. Neither Shadow Tracker or Night Adder, Voodoo is a seriously sick SOB. A cruel heartless beast of a man, perfect for a hired operative that even Cobra would like to disavow.

So anyway, due to the size of this figure and the petite nature of the new Renegades Scarlett figure, I had a thought.

Now, I'm not intending to promote or glamorize anything, but situations similar to this occur in real life. A larger, more powerful man takes advantage of a weaker woman. Ugliness, but it's out there.
The different environments that I posed the two figures in didn't really help. Still a bit disturbing.
Yeah, this is just too creepy as well.

So I tried something a little different with the same basic poses. Voodoo overpowering Scarlett and Roadblock about to slam into Voodoo and rescue his friend.

Better? I don't know.

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