Thursday, July 7, 2011

Searching for types of guns?

This silly ridiculous blog o' mine gets a moderate amount of hits from around the world. Okay, maybe moderate is too strong of a word in describing my traffic. Whatever. I still get a decent amount of traffic. But lately I have been getting tons o' hits to this entry about Marauder "Gun Runners" and the 1/18th scale weapons made for action figures. Yes, toy guns, not real guns.

So how are people from around the world finding this entry? I did a few experiments and found out something interesting when you do an image search on Google for "types of guns."

This is what the first page looks like, at least from my search.

See that 5th entry? That's my picture from my post. Weird. I make a post reviewing 1/18th scale guns and I wind up being found by people from around the world searching for "types of guns."

It's a strange world.

Well, whatever gets me traffic, I guess.

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OtraVegas said...

Excellent! Maybe you've got a fan at google :)