Saturday, August 8, 2009

G. I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra - Amazing Crazy Fun

Well, I hit the theater today to see G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. It was amazing crazy fun. It was a blast! A roller coaster ride of larger than life heroes and villains. Just some brief thoughts...

The Baroness - Hot Hot Hot! Very much the villainess! Not thrilled with the nanomite explanation for her turn to evil, overall very good portrayal.

Stormshadow - excellent portrayal - visually exciting, well played, very cool.

Snake Eyes - not totally thrilled - very cool portrayal, but something not quite right. Didn't like the mouth on the costume. Vow of silence vs. injury - not so much.

Delta 6 suits - exciting sequence, lot's of fun!

James McCullen - very cool! Over the top bad guy!

The Doctor - interesting, creepy, well portrayed

Dr. Mindbender - briefly seen, but very creepy cool. Hope he's around for sequels!

Lt. Stone - Brendan Fraser's character - Cool! I like the guy - decent actor, suits being part of this team of heroes.

The Commander and Destro - not enough of them - I would have preferred that they had gotten away like in the novelization. They'll figure out a way to get free for the sequel(s).

Scarlett - looked awesome, didn't like the non-emotional aspect. The Snake Eyes/Scarlett relationship was downplayed - needed to be more a part of the two characters.

The Vipers - neo's, elites, whatever - not impressed at first, but I learned to like them much more very quickly. First thoughts were that they were basically mindless automatons. Maybe the neo-vipers were, but once other vipers were involved in conversations, they seemed more relevant to the story, not just targets for the Joe team.

The Pitt - amazing, amazing, amazing - too much to see in one showing. Going to have to slo-mo the DVD when it comes out!

Zartan - Arnold Vosloo - very creepy, minor role, but well done - and now he's the... wow!

Still too much spinning in my head - more thoughts later.

I hope it makes a ton of money this opening weekend and sequels are in the future! What a great way to head toward the 50th anniversary of G.I. Joe!

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