Saturday, February 28, 2009

Favorite GI Joe Figures! - Part 2

R2-A6 would like to welcome you to the long overdue installment of a look at some of my fave new sculpt GI Joe figures. I meant for this to be posted much closer to when the first part was posted, but, oh well...
(I'll continue the numbering sequence for previous post)

10. The Cobra Para-Viper - Crazy amounts of gear with this figure. Very well sculpted and great detailing. The knee pads are a bit bright, but that's a minor complaint. Just a really cool figure!

11. Snake Eyes - The best of all the new sculpt versions of SE. An homage to the original Snake Eyes figure, nothing else works. The visored version's head was too thin, the "arctic" version just didn't work, the one with the knives on his chest - nope. How about the dark purple suited version? Looks awful. This one just works with the core of Snake Eyes character - a bad ass commando.

12. Snowjob - An excellent rework of the original. Very faithful to the original, but just explodes with detail. A removable hood and goggles are great extras. And he's got the Adventure team logo on his holster! That rocks!

13. Cobra Snow Serpent - WOW! Excellent update! Great detailing, great accessories. Same basic look of the original, just pumped up with crazy detail.

14. Skyduster - Starduster - For whatever reason, Hasbro couldn't use the same name. That's okay, he's still Starduster. The original Starduster was a combo-Joe available as a mail away from GI Joe Action Stars cereal way back around 1987-1988. A simple effective figure. the light blue is a bit much, but I've always liked the concept behind the character. this new version is basically the same concept as the original - take a bunch of parts and make Starduster. A sentimental favorite!

I used Wild Bill's helmet from the TRU 3-pack rather than the original. Looks and fits better.

15 & 16. Tomax & Xamot - Ineresting characters that got a great rework. Cool sculpting and great use of the extras makes the mirror image twins look sharp in the new line. Nicely done!

17. Torpedo - Just a cool remake. Great detailing, removable mask, pistol and knife. Heck, even the O2 bottles are removable from his SCUBA gear! And you can't help but look at this guy and be reminded of "Fumbles." Yeah, you know who I'm talking about!

18. Cobra Viper - (seriously?) - So much potential lost with this one. One of the best Cobra troop builders ever. I owned around 26 of the originals at one point. So much disappointment. Lower legs are awful and those wretched gloves. Yeuch! He's here as a the top favorite DISAPPOINTMENT!!! The viper from the new Cobra five pack is supposed to be fixed and the Hall of Fame $10.00 viper is supposedly fixed as well. Too little, too late.

19. Wild Weasel - Never had the Rattler, only picked up the original on the secondary market. Just an excellent sculpting job and great use of parts. Snowjob & Wild Weasel share the same body! This chest sculpt seems to be the new standard for pilots - works for me!

20. Zartan - I like this new sculpt Zartan. I don't really care about the more comic or cartoon style versions. This guy just looks a bit psychotic and very dangerous. Very cool! Even the green skin works!

So there's some of my faves - I suppose I'll do reviews on other figures on an individual basis.

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