Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Treasure Hunter!

Joe discovers some interesting treasures...
On a recent trip abroad, Joe has come back with an interesting find, the mysterious White Tiger Sword, long thought of as lost forever in the sands of time.

Well, not really. It's actually the White Tiger sword from the White Power Ranger from many. many years ago. Like most boys growing up in the 90's, my son loved Power Rangers. He had some of the cool stuff, the White Tiger Zord and all the other Zords from that time period - don't remember the year. This is about the only thing left - everything else was probably sold way too cheaply at yard sales - dang!

While the Power Rangers were around 8" and far from 1/6th scale, this sword works great as a relic discovered by G.I. Joe. I did some dry-brushing with tan paint to give it a little aged feel.
Not of an archaeological nature, this was a recent find at Joelanta 2008. I found a 12" Duke figure wearing this jacket. He didn't have any hands, just wearing the GI Joe Club exclusive jacket from the 2004 Convention. Only $5.00 for Duke and the jacket - not bad!

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