Sunday, October 5, 2008

Re-using set pieces

The styrofoam packing that I used in these pictures turned out to be very versatile. I repositioned it and grabbed an odd assortment of toys to see how it worked out.

Here's a picture of one of my big Joes, Crosshair, getting ready to reach out and "touch" someone.

Here's a Quake action figure breaking through, ready to kick some ass!

A SHADO mobile driving through wreckage.

An MS-18 Kampfer mobile suit ready to bust some heads. This is my all-time favorite mobile suit. Awesomeness!

Not something you want to see as you turn around! This is the best Alien figure that Kenner put out during it's Alien/Predator figure run. Simple, yet effective.

The evil Duke clone, Hauser, congratulates his troops on a job well done.

I like being able to reuse these styro set pieces. I need to find some more and leave some undamaged and have more for damaged walls. Fun stuff! If you spray paint it, depending on the paint, it may dissolve some of the styro. I used cheap flat black spray paint - 98 cents per can - I'm talking cheap!

I'm going to be posting some more pictures of "stuff" using my styro set pieces on in the next few days. You can see all my submissions here.

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