Wednesday, November 22, 2017

FSS 6.0: Dojo & Captain Skip

Well, it certainly didn't take long for the next shipment of FSS 6.0 to arrive. One week after the first shipment? I don't know what the story behind that was, but I don't really care. New figures!
The next two figures are Dojo and Captain Skip. Captain who?
First up is Dojo. Okay, the original Ninja Force figures were some crazy looking figures. Usually bright colors and wild designs. Initial thoughts of the design of modern Dojo were pretty rough. But he actually turned out pretty well, considering the goofiness of the character. The Club matched the goofiness quite well. The head sculpt turned out quite nicely. Much speculation is running around the various Facebook groups about the idea that the head sculpt can be easily reused as Headman. Will the DEF be next year's convention set? Sounds good to me!
Minor issues with Dojo. Including the sash and the harness makes for a bit of bulkiness in his gear. Without the harness, he looks a bit casual. Maybe off duty and hanging out around base.
The harness looks a little better by itself, but it seems a bit loose. Minor issue, but not that big of a deal.
So who is Captain Skip? I believe that he was a character from the Palitoy line before they got use of the original o-ring molds back in the 80's. I've seen pictures of a 5 POA figure in the same color palette. 
Captain Skip is a member of Z Force, a branch of the Special Action Force from Britain. The Club did a great job with the build and the Rise of Cobra Sgt. Stone head sculpt works quite well for Skip. Seems like there's always an issue with most Club figures, from minor to serious flaws. Skip's issue? Poor choice of web gear. The web gear actually looks fantastic, but it just doesn't really fit on Skip. It just seems a bit too loose. I'll probably switch it out with some other gear.

Overall, these are two fairly solid figures in their design and execution. Four great figures from the Club lead off the FSS 6.0 releases. Who's next? I'm seriously doubting that the next set will come out next week. I certainly won't complain if they do!

Stay tuned!

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