Friday, May 19, 2017

FSS 5.0 Gaucho & Xamot

Time for another FSS 5.0 review! This one will be quick, primarily because of the weakness of the two figures from this shipment.
The characters for this shipment are fairly interesting but a little bit lacking in my opinion. Gaucho and Xamot are the two figures for this round.
 Gaucho is the Action Force mechanic that is just a straight repaint of the exceptional Gung Ho figure. Automatically, this makes this figure quite awesome, but I really don't have a use for a Gung Ho clone.
 It's true that the original figure of Gaucho was just a simple repaint of the original Gung Ho, but I'm just not very interested in keeping him. I'm thinking that I've already found a new home for him. Not a bad deal for FSS 5.0 in terms of figures kept vs figures sold. Gaucho will be the only one from FSS 5.0 that doesn't stay in my collection.
 Xamot is from the brief Shattered Universe story line from the Club's original comic in which members of the Adventure Team get trapped in a universe where Cobra are the good guys and GI Joe are the bad guys. I don't recall the details; I'll have to go back and check out the stories again.
 Interesting concept and the figure execution actually turned out pretty well. The idea of the twins in suits is one that quite a few fans have been interested in. As the money men behind Cobra, I prefer them in suits.
 The biggest issue with the Xamot figure is the size of his head. It's huge! Much like several of the recent new head sculpts from the Club, it is very over sized. I'm not sure where the body comes from. I think it's the same one used by the Club for the Joe Colton Convention exclusive from a few years ago.

Not a bad figure, but not one of the best. One more shipment to go! Raptor, Steel Raven, and the "mystery" 13th figure (GI Jane?).

FSS 6.0 recently came up for subscription. Price increase and a due date just a couple weeks ahead of the Convention. I wonder if folks will choose the FSS over Club exclusives at the Convention?


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Bro Midnight said...

wow that is a large head, makes him look like a ninja turtle figure.