Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Time to move along?

To be honest, I am so tired of the 80's mythos of G.I. Joe. Yes, it was awesome, but it's 30+ years old. Yes, it was campy goofiness, but it's 30+ years old. 
In my opinion, the cartoon gave the characters voices while the comic book gave the characters... character. Again... 30+ years old. 

Personally, I'm done with both mythos of G.I. Joe. I have no "canon" for G.I. Joe. The characters are essentially the same but, for me, they now exist in the 21st century. My mental Joe world exists in the modern world. 

I've retconned the past to be a rather insignificant part of my G.I. Joe world. 
Nostalgia is fine, but I'm over it. And I just grow weary of the praises of the past storylines. Yeah, don't get me wrong, that was some awesome stuff. Larry Hama defined G.I. Joe for me. 

Disclaimer: I don't read the current comics and haven't read a G.I. Joe comic in several years. I know the characters have been updated.
Hell, I've had a bit too much wine tonight and I'm rambling. 

Hopefully my rambling is reasonably intelligent. (See what I did there?)

This is my silly ass blog. So I get to rant or ramble however I like. Feel free to rant or ramble along with me or against me. Just be decent. That's all, just be decent.

So what are your thoughts? Are you still stuck in the 80's or can you (cue the song) "Let it go"?
Ramble away. Be reasonable. Be somewhat intelligent.


Bro Midnight said...

Im with you , I moved past nostalgia. Iv pretty much always had my own story line going with them as I never read any of the comics and only really watched the cartoon in passing.

Big Tone said...

At this point,I'm almost over G.I. Joe period.The movies haven't helped things ,either.

Big Tone said...

Uhhh,Yo Joe?