Friday, July 22, 2016

Random New Figures

Several weeks before all this open heart surgery nonsense, I managed to pick up a few new figures that caught my eye and sparked some interest.
First up is Volstagg from the Thor movies. Volstagg is one of Thor's companions from Asgard known as the Warrior's Three. The Warrior's Three also includes Fandral and Hogun. While I'm sure that there were plenty of butthurt Thor fanboys out there pissed that Volstagg wasn't enormous like his comic version, his MCU version was just fine. The figure actually turned out quite nice as well. Nicely sculpted details, decent articulation, great paint apps, and a very nice head sculpt. There's also a goofy over-sized weapon that went straight into the trash, but the smaller double bladed axe is a keeper.
As always, I tend to buy figures more for their head sculpt than for who they actually are. So I'm trying out the Volstagg head on my Gator custom. Previously using the PoC Snowjob head, I thought the Volstagg head still works pretty well as Gator. The bearded head works quite well as my swamp dwelling Gator character.
Next up is Fandral, of course from the Thor line. Decent figure, another big goofy weapon that went straight into the trash. The head sculpt is well done, but I think there's a bit too much paint on the figure.The sword scabbard is clumsily attached and tends to get in the way of the figure. Fandral is destined for a head swap to a GI Joe body, but I just haven't had the time to mess around with the figure.
Lastly, I found one of the Hammer Drones from the Iron Man 2 figure line. I'm very impressed by this figure. Excellent sculpting, crisp paint job, and the articulation works well enough.
The "Weapon Assault" drone comes with an alternate head as well as some odd whip-like weapons. I'm guessing that's a connection to Iron Man 2's villain, Whiplash. Easily detachable and easily tossed into the spare parts bin. My thoughts for integration of this drone into my Joe World is that is a GI Joe "BAT." It's not a cheap, mass-produced unit like the Cobra BATs; it's quite bit more expensive and quite a bit tougher than a Cobra BAT. I'll have to consider some sort of code name for it. I'm always open to suggestions!

Not a bad little haul. All three of these figures are well made and are welcome additions to my collection. 
Any  new non-GI Joe figures make it home with you recently?

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Dr Syn said...

You could totally use the Volstagg head and the Unmasked Retaliation Firefly head as a before & after grooming joke.