Friday, March 18, 2016

Times have changed

I posted this crap on Facebook. 

Times have changed. Hasbro caught lightning in a bottle twice. I doubt they'll ever catch it again. GI Joe is a Hasbro creation, not like Star Wars or Marvel superheroes. It is their property to do with as they will. They have the marketing dollars to see if GI Joe is still a viable brand. In the words of Fred Meyer, Hasbro owes you nothing. They are a for-profit corporation. If GI Joe is not profitable beyond a rapidly aging bunch of fans, then so be it. In the current state of national affairs with a bunch of offended pantywaists everywhere, there doesn't seem to be much of a market for real heroes right now. It's a damn shame. Be content with what you have right now and scream loudly in support when GI Joe returns (it will one day), even if you personally don't like it. The BRAND represents the inherent hero in each member of the military and perhaps within each of us. Embrace the hero. Support the hero. Honor the hero.

 I'm so damn tired of the entitlement vibe from collectors/fans. Damn, son, they're just freaking toys. 


Drew said...


Hate how now the club is ending and people are all up at arms. It's like when Michael Jackson was alive his name was dragged in the mud. But when he passed away he became one of the greats (again)

I enjoyed the clubs offerings but am glad it's ending. Gi Joe property has ran its course....for now. Why can't we enjoy what we already have?

Big Tone said...

You can't let what you can't control consume you.Personally,I hated how the club used to offer better looking figures than the ones on retail,forcing you to sign up If you wanted to receive your "exclusive" figure In the mail.Everything 25th and up wasn't meant for the kids.Hasbro reaped the benefits of nostalgia and cashed in on sentimentals who longed for an 80's styled Stormy remake.I think the problem with G.I. Joe Is that military Isn't hip these days.With all the PTS commercials on TV and the negativity surrounding our presence In the middle east,It's a hard sell.Plus you got the Avengers,DC and Star Wars to compete with.I wonder what Disney could do with a product like G.I. Joe ?