Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thoughts on Collecting

Life has been pretty quiet around the Reasonably Intelligent Rambling compound these days. My wife's mother passed away on September 7th. She lived to an amazing 91 & 1/2 years of age. While her passing was not entirely unexpected, the loss of a loved one is always a sad and possibly sobering event. My mom has been gone over 25 years, so my mother-in-law had easily become my second mom. 

You may ask what this event has to do with the general content of this silly blog. I suppose I've just become a little more reflective of all the crap I've collected over the years. As I watched my mom-in-law's health begin to decline, I couldn't help but to consider my own mortality. I just turned 53 recently and I really don't feel "old". The death of a loved one is still a sobering moment when you consider your own life. 

At this point in my life, I think about if I'm still around at 91 & 1/2 or beyond. Will I have an interest in these silly action figures? As my health declines one day, what will matter to me? I kinda' hope I'll still have a bit of a love for toys. Perhaps, one day, many years in the future, I'll pass along to whatever is next clutching an old Snake Eyes action figure. I certainly hope so.

But I still have to consider what about all this shit that I have right now? We moved into a new house around 2 & 1/2 years ago and brought 16+ years of crap from our previous home. Hell, I've still got some of my old books from when I was a kid!

Sure wish I still had that damn Mattel Space:1999 Eagle from when I was a kid.

So where am I going with this random nonsense? I've signed up for the next set of figures from the GI Joe Collector's Club. I recently bought a large chunk of this year's "50th Anniversary" figures. I still like GI Joe - can't help it. 

The Club recently revealed a mock-up of their Club Exclusive Membership figure - Pythona! Based on this mock-up, I'm not really surprised by the parts choice that they are going with. I've heard that the body is the reactive armor Scarlett body from the Rise of Cobra series. Plus a brand new head sculpt of course. There are extensive paint apps on the body as well as what appears to be a fabric cloak.

I'm all in for this figure - without question. I've always liked the Cobra-La concept and thought that the execution in the animated movie was pretty well done. I loved the idea of an organic-based technology. Never liked the connection to Cobra, but that's a post for another day.

What the heck does Pythona have to do with this post? Rich on Pop Critica recently posted an article about Pythona and his thoughts on GI Joe and his own collecting habits. While he posts some valid points about Hasbro and the Club (maybe, sort of), I was more interested in his selling off of his collection and his disappointment of the brand. I really can't see myself ever getting into that frame of mind.

Sure, I'm disappointed as hell at Hasbro for the treatment of what should be their flagship line. I've written about those feelings several times on this blog. And now, supposedly, Hasbro is going to help out with Action Man's 50th Anniversary in a much bigger fashion than they did with GI Joe. If true, that just sucks.


Supposedly, GI Joe is poised for some sort of relaunch in 2016, probably still in the 3 3/4" - 4" format and I'm fine with that idea. But is it viable for the long term growth of the brand? The vintage, original GI Joe is done. That time is over. I doubt anything like that will ever be seen again.

Change must occur for the survival of the brand. But the core of loyal fans is getting older and I don't know if kids are interested. I don't think so.

I'm getting long-winded here. I'm actually enjoying writing this post and I hope it isn't too "rambling" and still somewhat "reasonably intelligent."

If indeed GI Joe changes into something that no longer interests me; maybe it becomes just a bit too juvenile, even for this old kid, that's just fine with me. If in a few years, the small Joe's have gone the way of the original GI Joe and the world is stuck with 5 POA POS's, then that's fine too.

I have enough of a collection that could keep me mentally engaged for a long time. The overall concept of GI Joe vs. Cobra, to me, is timeless. It can be lifted out of history and the concept can be dropped into modern history. Actually, in my twisted, weird GI Joe world, the events of the 80's is pretty much disavowed. It's time to (cue the song) "Let it go!"

I've written about that before as well. I frikkin' loved GI Joe back in the 80's, but that's done, it's over. We've all matured, let the story mature as well.

I've really enjoyed flushing my brain with this post. I'm inspired again and I've had some pretty crazy ideas for my own personal reboot of the line.

Hell, once the toys entered my home and my mind, everything else that others have said and done about GI Joe are just bits that help form my new vision for GI Joe. These are my toys and my imagination and that's a scary combination.

Stay tuned, I might piss off a few folks, but I'm going to have some fun!


Carson Mataxis said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I still miss My Grandmother regularly, and more than anyone else I've lost. She was a very special person.

As for the reboot/revival of 2016, my fingers are crossed but I'm not holding my breath.

It's got to be paired with the GIJoe3 movie and hopefully a cartoon. Go for a full push or don't go at all I say!

Big Tone said...

Sorry about your loss.To say that losing someone close does something to you would be a huge understatement.

As far as a Joe reboot,I think It's time for new blood.Perhaps an Obi Wan type ,aged Snake Eyes Is In order.The times are changing which means Hasbro should go with more drones,clones (how does an army of Snake Eyes sound to you?) and wristwatch phones.Disclosure Is eminent so how about an alien Cobra army.A Star Brigade revival maybe?

Sam said...

I'm sorry for your loss. I just moved everything from office and some from my bedroom to the Garage. It impacted me about how much stuff I have, and even have in my for sale pile, as well as my want list, and I'm by no means a completest. It's something worth thinking about, and my love for the brand, and my son, has really pushed something I already felt to be true, even more. You are right, it's time for the Joes to capture the kids. I of course would still love stuff for us, but Joe has to evolve in a way it reaches them. (My vote Playskool heroes/imaginext style Adventure team )