Thursday, September 3, 2015

Gung Ho: Revisited

I really like the new update. Honest, I really do. This new version is a great update of the classic o-ring figure. But there's something just a bit off...
There's just too much baby blue. Plus there's just too much YMCA vibe to that much blue. If only Hasbro had gone with the look, but toned down the light blue, maybe darker or dirtier? Maybe some green tones?
I posted a pic of this new Gung Ho on my Facebook page for this nonsense blog and Arnold Barrios, a fellow GI Joe collector, posted his simple and effective upgrade to Gung Ho. Use a Retaliation Roadblock body!
This is Gung Ho's head on the "Ultimate" Roadblock figure. Looks amazing, but I really didn't want to lose the "Rock." 
So I figured I would try Gung Ho's head on the "Battle Kata" Roadblock body. Very nice! I think I like the green more than the tan of the other body. Seems like I'm getting more and more giants on my Joe team. Roadblock, Leatherneck, Repeater, and now Gung Ho! 
So what? Who cares? They're just toys! 
I suppose I'll leave him like this for now. I like the look of this new easy custom Gung Ho. The green uniform is a nice upgrade from that awful baby blue outfit. Maybe one day, if I luck up and find another, I'll try some custom paint work on the original version.

For now, this will be my default Gung Ho figure.


Jim Ver said...

That head swap just made that figure 10xs better now he looks like a mean marine. I feel like they could toned down the baby blue its to bright to be goin on missions.

Jim Ver said...