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FSS 3.0 - Repeater & Psyche-Out

Oh wow. How timely. Reviews of the first two figures from the GI Joe Club's FSS 3.0. Sorry, folks, I'm a lazy ass and it has taken some time for me to finally get to this point; but I'm finally here.

If you want better, more in-depth reviews, I highly recommend General's Joes or JoeBattlelines. Justin and Fred are both quite a bit quicker on the reviews than I am.

What the hell. Here's my two cents.

First up is Repeater and Psyche-Out.

I really liked the original version of Repeater way back in 1988.There was a certain uniqueness about Repeater and his stedi-cam machine gun mount. He had a unique, somewhat odd head sculpt and a really cool weapon system. 

This version from the Club is the second version. The first was the same figure from a Convention set, but in Night Force colors. Don't get me started on the Night Force figures that I had carded and returned back to TRU way back whenever. Dammit.

While I'm generally a really minor voice in the Collector Community, I've got to say that I'm pretty pleased with everything that the Club has done. Okay, sure, last year's Iceberg was pretty rough, but damn, they are using the tools that Hasbro has made available to them. I don't make my own figures and the guys behind the Club are doing pretty damn good work.

The original version of Repeater was pretty much the same size as everyone else. Not so much with this guy. The Club used the body from the Rock/Roadblock and Leatherneck figures. That means that Repeater is a tall mo' fo'. 

I've heard, that based on other figures, that this body style would be a normal human male about 7' 4" tall. Really? Does that mean all Joe figures are exactly 6' tall? I don't know. Whatever.

Anyway, through the use of tho\is body mold, the Club has introduced another huge human being into the Joe roster. That means Retaliation Roadblock, Leatherneck and Repeater are all huge, tall men. So what. Who cares? Not me. So GI Joe recruited some big, highly qualified dudes to be a part of the team. What ever.

Oh yeah. Rock/Roadblock vs. traditional Roadblock (example Resolute Roadblock). Which one is really Roadblock? Future blog post.

Do I like the damn figure? The Club hit a home run with Repeater. I'm not upset that I missed the Convention set. (never had any con set) I like this guy. So what if he's a huge human being. What ever. They're toys!! Who gives a shit?

Repeater comes with an M-249 SAW and a kick-ass backpack. Not much, but I'm still okay with the Club's efforts.

Next up is Psyche-Out. An odd figure way back in 1987. I liked him back then and I like him now. The Club used the Duke body from the Pursuit of Cobra series. My biggest issue with this figure is that his head seems a bit large. I don't give a shit, because my head seems to be a bit large. The diversity of humans. Roll with it.

I don't much like the gear. It works well enough, but it's just some weird bits. I'm going to do some personal research into real sonic crowd control weapons. That's what I want my Psyche-Out to be in charge of - those weapons that make you shit your pants when they are brought against you. 

Imagine Cobra Vipers being hit by a GI Joe Sonic Weapon and they lose control of their bowels, shitting their pants. Oops.

The head sculpt kicks ass, by the way. Did Boss Fight Studios do this head sculpt, as well as Repeater? I think they did. They kick ass.
A bit of a drawback is that Psyche-Out's head is pretty damn big. Again, I have a big head, so who gives a shit.

So for these first two figures, I'm pleased with what the Club has given us. Are they perfect? No. Are they still pretty damn good? Yes. Is Hasbro doing anything right now? Nope.

Keep kicking ass, GI Joe Club. First two = I'm happy!

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