Friday, July 18, 2014

Dinosaurs on the Beach

I've had this new Jurassic Park dinosaur for a little while now. I bought him at a discount because someone had stolen the "GI Joe" figure that was packed with him. I really only wanted the Allosaurus.
C'mon, who doesn't love dinosaurs? I loved them as a kid and they still fascinate the heck out of me. I'm always delighted at the new discoveries about dinosaurs. Vibrant colors and feathers were probably the height of dinosaur fashion back in the day.
I think it further confirms that these creatures were not big, slow, lumbering reptiles, but were a different type of animal whose descendants are birds. Fast-moving, warm-blooded creatures.
I really dig the color palette used for this critter. Just so cool looking! 

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Dr Syn said...

I'll never be tired of seeing that excellent Allosaurus JP toy.

Good to see CC getting some R&R.