Friday, May 23, 2014

Cobra Troop Dynamics

  • Examining the roles of the various troops, primarily the DG Blackshirts, Blueshirts, 30th darker Blueshirts, the Resolute troopers. (Just my opinions, of course.)
I see the DG Blueshirts as your tier 1 Cobra trooper. These guys are fresh out of boot camp or whatever training Cobra has. Cannon fodder, FNG's, whatever. Almost disposable.

After serving a few tours in the entry-level Blues, they graduate upward into the darker Blues. These are the troops with some serious combat experience. At this point, any skills that may have started to show at the entry level are encouraged and sought out. After a few tours with the dark blues, there are different options ahead.

I need a new name for the Resolute trooper because I se these guys as more than just regular troops with different uniforms or a different interpretation. These troops I consider as Cobra Special Forces. Very tough, extremely loyal, and just general bad ass soldiers. This biggest drawback to these troops are the physical size differences between the Resolute and 30th/DG figures. I'll get over it though.

The Viper is one of the most common career paths for your average Cobra soldier. These guys are seriously tough troopers. Earning your Viper helmet isn't easy, but it's worth it.

Beyond the Viper level, there are all of the various different branches of "Vipers." Some promotions are skills based, some aren't promotions at all.
So what about the Blackshirts? These troopers are a very special breed. Extreme loyalty, often found as body guards for top brass. If Blackshirts come drag your buddy out of his rack one night, you'll never see him again. Covert ops, special missions, hit squads, whatever dirty work Cobra Commander needs, the Blackshirts are the ones he calls.

What are your thoughts about Cobra troop dynamics? Leave a comment.


Brandon Haponuk said...

I make my Cobra Vipers as the best troopers and Neo Vipers up there also Cobra Blue shirts areusually new guys very little training or experince easily beaten by GI Joe lol

Nas Helewa said...

I like your take on the Black Shirts. Kind of a hated sub-group - The SS of Cobra, yeah? I feel the same way about the Resolute troops as you do - They are really my go-to Cobras, but I have a ton of 25th Blue-Shirts that look good from far, but are far from good. I don't have enough PoC Blue Shirts for a squad proper, so I've mixed them in and used them for customization fodder.