Thursday, November 21, 2013

FSS 02: Airtight & Shipwreck

The first two offerings from the official GI Joe Club's FSS 2 have arrived and I'm not too impressed. There is a decent mix of figures with this assortment, with some of the figures being definite keepers, some mixed opinion, and some to sold on the secondary market.

These first two figures didn't show up on my "keeper" list. The Club used the Tiger Force theme for these first two figures, Airtight and Shipwreck. Both figures look pretty cool, but I'm just not overly impressed.

Airtight is a straight repaint of the awesome 30th/Renegades update from a couple years ago. I was tempted to hang on to this new version, but he just didn't quite get me interested enough. I've got two of the original version, so I really didn't need another, despite the new uniform colors.

Shipwreck is one of those characters that I am nearly so very tired of seeing. A Tiger Force version just doesn't work for my collection. I'm not sure of where all the body parts came from to make this version, but he looks pretty good. I can't stand that goofy grin on his face.

It's been a while since I had an interest in buying every figure. I really don't need to have a complete collection. I never found the 30th Crazy Legs figure at retail (who did?). Retaliation figures are very difficult to find. I may totally miss out on the Blind Master, Jinx, and the Cobra Combat Ninja and I'm okay with that. The new versions of Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, and Cobra Commander are of little interest to me. And I'm okay with that.

The FSS is offering up some pretty decent figures that I am very excited about and look forward to their arrival. For now, these first two will be finding a new home around the end of the month. The two Oktober Guard figures? They'll probably be headed out as well whenever they arrive.

I'm really hoping that Tollbooth and Keel Haul won't be numbers 11 and 12!


Rev. Dix said...

Did you get the FSS 1? I can't remember if you wrote about it or not. If you'd like to trade your OG figures from this year's with any of the ones from the first year's (besides Big Boa, Cover Girl, Dice or Jinx) let me know.

Thanks too, for doing this blog. I love reading about other collectors and their relationships with Gi Joe.

Tom said...

No, I never got into FSS 1. We could possibly work something out! Might be interested in Topside or Sure Fire. Rev. Dix - email me at tbrooks1025(at)

Dr Syn said...

One day I'll pick up a few Subscription figures, pending the price. One day.

I like that they used 30th Lifeline's arms for Shipwreck, makes up for the old 25th tooling. While Airtight... he's alright, I'd rather a few more of the 30th figure so I can have some extra Hazmat goodness.