Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cobra Blackshirt Upgrade

The MARS troopers from the over-priced Rise of Cobra preview set were so laughable. Well, that's a bit harsh. Given the construction methods that Hasbro was using at the time, they really weren't that bad. When you compare them to more recent offerings, they do kind of suck.

The only real benefits that I have found from them is stealing their gear. I first stole the trooper web-gear and re-outfitted my POC/30th Cobra Blueshirts - because their web-gear sucked.

I was digging around through my various plastic storage containers and came across my MARS troopers. (Okay, the storage containers once held sandwich meat, alright? Deal with it!) 

Hmm... Black helmets... Cobra Blackshirts from Dollar General. I wonder? A quick test fit and the helmets fit nice and snug on the Cobra trooper heads. I like the touch of red to the overall look as well.

The MARS officer helmet is a little different with the sculpt and the silver paint. Officers? Sure, why not?

The only problem is that the helmets tend to move upward on the heads, obscuring their eyes. Not a huge deal.

So my 12 Blackshirts are now geared up with MARS helmets. Nine troopers with the red masks and three officers with the silver masks. Or is it 8 and 4? I'm not at home, so I don't remember.

Either way, the troops get equally divided up into small teams of an officer and either two or three troopers. Equally divided - that satisfies my bit of OCD weirdness.


Dr Syn said...

Not to bad, I haven't gotten round to sacrificing my MARs troopers, I'm rather fond of them.

Have you tried giving any of them para-trooper goggles?

Reverend Dix said...

That would almost make that M.A.R.S. squadron worth it if they next to free. I love what you do though.

Tom said...

Dr. Syn,

I've used the para-trooper goggles on my Resolute Cobra troopers -
The dark-blueshirts get other goggles, Shock trooper, ROC desert vipers, etc. These guys just get the new helmets.