Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spoiler Alert!!

Not really...

Since Blackout has been revealed to be the mystery 13th figure from the Club's FSS round 1, I thought I would post a quick picture of my custom Blackout figure.
I don't remember where my original thoughts for a Blackout custom came from. I sold off most of my SpyTroops figures a few years ago, so I didn't have one to chop up.

I think I had tried a few customs with some Spytroops or Venom vs Valor figures; cutting off the neck posts and drilling out a hole into the neck.

Once I had a few of the awesome POC Snake Eyes figures, I knew that body would be a great base for Blackout. It wasn't until Joelanta from two years ago that I was able to stumble across a loose Blackout figure. It wasn't too soon after I got him home that he underwent surgery.

Oh yeah, I really dig his backstory! Check out this earlier post about Blackout.

My first attempt at a Blackout custom involved using the POC Snake Eyes body, but I eventually switched to the Dollar General Cobra Trooper in the black uniform.

I think this works better for a custom. My opinion, yours may differ.

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Dr Syn said...

Time to dig out my Spy Troops figures and get... chopping.