Wednesday, April 4, 2012

LBC's - The Customizer's Friend

LBC means Lazy Boy Customs, right? No, I know that it really means Lazy Bastard Customs and that's just fine with me. I have seen so many awesome customs throughout the GI Joe community, most notably in my browsing at and While many customs are created by some seriously skilled individuals, I prefer the simple part swaps - so I like the Lazy part of LBC.

I probably started customizing back in the early days of the vintage line. I remember wanting a swivel armed Clutch, but didn't want to buy another VAMP. So I bought a swivel arm Breaker and switched out the arms. Easy enough!

Moving on to this new era, the 25th anniversary and beyond figures are so easy to customize. There are those who know how to crack open the torsos for arm swaps, but not me. I like the easy swaps - primarily heads and web gear.

This guy has turned into my default Duke figure. An easy recipe - Resolute Duke's body, Renegade Duke's head, and Kickstart's vest. The vest really fits nicely around the molded collar.

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Monte said...

That is a SHARP-lookin' Duke!