Sunday, February 19, 2012

GI Joe: Retaliation - Ninja Combat Cruiser

Most all of the well visited GI Joe fan web sites have posted pictures of the new product related to GI Joe:Retaliation. As usual, I'm dragging up the rear. Oh well...

So I thought that I would start with one of the vehicles - the Ninja Combat Cruiser. Apparently, ninjas are going to be a key selling point for the new movie. Ninjas or zombies. Hey, how about zombie ninjas or ninja zombies?

And back to the topic at hand - the Ninja Combat Cruiser. This looks to be a remake of the POC/30th Anniversary VAMP. The new VAMP is an excellent vehicle and this new update really goes to another level.
It looks like the VAMP has received an upgrade to the roll bars of the previous version. The rear of the cab is enclosed and there are now flip-out doors for the sides. Similar to the 2nd version of the original VAMP back in the shadowy history of GI Joe - the 80's!

The missile launcher appears to be from the upgrade of the Snowcat called the Wolfhound(?). I never bought the Wolfhound, but it looks like the pictures that I have seen.

I am very interested in this new version; it really looks pretty sharp. A great troop transport for the Joes. And very reminiscent of the trucks that the troops used in the opening sequence of Rise of Cobra.
Just a quick glance at both of the vehicles can illustrate the similarities and the differences. I think that they can both work extremely well together, with the VAMP acting as a mobile escort for the more armored cruiser.

Oh wait... Okay, I like Snake Eyes and the whole ninja/Arishikage storyline, but...

The frikkin' ninja clan stickers have got to go.

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John said...

The hook for the winch is there, but the wheel is. Kind of odd.