Monday, November 21, 2011

Sorting My O-Ring G.I. Joe Figures

My O-Ring GI Joe figures have been in a state of neglect for years. I even posted a picture showing the poor guys over on a couple years ago. Well. I'm finally going to do something about it. My goal is to sort each of them into a plastic bag along with their file card and as much of their gear that I can find. I was very unkind to the neon colored weapon "trees" and didn't keep much of that crap.

Sort, sort, sort - pick a file card, find the figure.

Or pick a figure, find the file card.

I think I have used around 125 plastic bags at this point. None left, still more Joe's to go.

Okay, where is Alpine?

This was a lot of fun to sort these guys, very nostalgic. I was easily able to recognize their faces and remember their code names. Well, most of them, I think a couple slipped my mind.

Overall, these guys are in pretty good shape. Tight joints, no paint wear, o-rings holding up. There are a few that need repair. Tollbooth has a broken crotch, but fortunately I have an extra. Sgt Slaughter's t-hook broke, so he needs a little help. There are a few more that have loose o-rings, but most of them are in excellent shape.

My original intention is to sort them and maybe... sell them...


I don't know if I can...

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