Saturday, May 21, 2011


Inspired by Max Brooks' story "Exorcist" in Tales from the Cobra Wars. An amazing story that really touches an important element of the reality of being a soldier. The mental health of a soldier.

"My God, what have I become?"

"Exorcist" is a transcript of an apparent interview with a combat psychologist and the experiences that he has encountered throughout his life. Probably a pre-recruitment interview prior to joining the G.I. Joe team.

From the story (in regards to looking at psych files) -
"I mean...just one of them, the ex-model, just treating her alone would buy me a sailboat."

"And some of the others, your sniper, your EOD, your SEAL... cool code name, that one,very phallic."

After serving in such intense combat situations against Cobra for so long, how messed up mentally are these guys? How close to the edge are some of these guys?

I know, they are just toys and aren't real, but it gave me a lot to consider in regards to real American Heroes and what they undergo in combat and when they get back home.

Powerful story by Max Brooks. The absolute best story in the collection.

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