Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Great Day at Ross!!

My lovely wife sends me a text yesterday from Ross asking if I would be interested in another HISS tank. Well, yeah! Who wouldn't?

So after several frantic texts, she finally gets me TWO HISS tanks and TWO of the "Twin Terror Battle Gun" sets - with Range Vipers!!

I've seen the Range Viper sets online and knew that they were showing up at Ross, but was never sure that I would make it to Ross and be able to buy them. Of the Target exclusives that Target dropped and Ross picked up (how weird is that?), this was the one that most Joe fans were talking about online. The "Twin Terror Gun" is pretty cool, kind of blah, sort of sucks - but the Range Viper kicks butt!!

More on him in a later post.

Oh, did I mention that my wife rocks? Well, she does!

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