Sunday, September 6, 2009

Oh, the carnage!

My two newest Power Team guys were doomed before they even left the store. Once I got a glimpse of the detailed head sculpts, I knew they were destined for Hasbro super articulated bodies.
So much for the review, time for some carnage! Above is a Power Team head that I used for my tutorial on head swaps between Power Team and Hasbro bodies. The utility knife is ready to go!

One head sliced, needing to be trimmed and another ready and waiting!

The thick o-ring wedged in, ready for test fitting.

The Green Beret gets the treatment as well. Bottom of the neck post sliced, thick washer installed.

And here they are... Both successful survivors of radical head surgery! For a more detailed look at the process, check out this earlier post.



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Anonymous said...

Hello from JD! Just saw your sig in a post you left on my Jinx custom. Thought I would stop by your place and see what's up. Interesting stuff--free flag points, SAM's exclusives. Will stop by again later. Cheers!


Thiago Rique said...

Amazing job. I am not a modder, but I need your help. I guess you are the right man to ask about it. But first, I'd like to ask you to reply to my e-mail:
Thing is, I am thinking about doing a bash with a SA body but using a masterpiece joe head.
(he used a CC body body here)

Well, the guy from this site tried the same thing, only using a timeless head (AFAIK timeless and masterpiece are very alike).

He found some problems. My main concern is the "short neck" issue I may find here with a masterpiece head ( and the fact that he had to "stretch" the base of the head in order to enlarge it and feel the "ledges", something I'd never do with mine. As you can see, masterpiece heads dont have much "neck space". But, I belive they are cut like old joes, that means you have to lean the neck up front in order to make him look straight. This is shorthen the neck more.

I'd like to hear your toughts. The only thing I can think now is raise the neck post, but how?

Thanks in advance. Lets hope you can read and reply this before I make my purchase of this body (or not)!