Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snake-Eyes - French?

Over at General's Joes, Justin has posted a link to a script review of GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra on Ideology of Madness. Looks like the link has gone or the story got pulled from IoM, but there were a few hints and spoilers that were just.... wrong.

In the first part of the script review, during a flashback regarding Snake-Eyes, we are taken back to Snake-Eyes as a young French orphan in Viet Nam meeting the young Korean Stormshadow.

Uhh.. okay... WTF? Snake-Eyes is French in the movie? I don't want to disparage the French, but Snake-Eyes is a Frenchman? What the hell? Snake-Eyes is an icon of the Real American Hero line, almost a household name and he's French? Holy crap!

Now I get that in order to broaden the global appeal of the film, there has to be more of an international vibe to the characters. That's fine. Heck the British did that with Action Force. Some characters were reinvented with European backgrounds. No problem, works with the nations that they are being sold in, makes them more acceptable. A team full of Americans just won't sell world wide.

But Snake-Eyes as a Frenchman?

I'm still going to go see the movie with an understanding that it's someone else' vision and that's okay. GI Joe on the big screen, in whatever form, is just exciting!

Even if the movie version of Cobra Commander looks idiotic!

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